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Mobile Bookkeeping & Tax Services

Fully integrated cloud-based bookkeeping solution reducing manual transactions leveraging compliant, industry-leading applications.  All your information anytime, anywhere all in one place so you have the relevant information to make data-driven decisions  when you need it most.

  • Compliant, industry-leading applications Xero – Accounting Software and Receipt Bank – Effortless receipt control
  • Disaster Recovery assurance by having documentation in both Xero and Receipt Bank
  • Improved Accuracy and real-time data availability
  • Actionable Analytics – providing clarity into expenses and overall business performance
  • Performance Metrics Implementation and Monitoring – Insightful metrics to measure what really matters in your business

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Supply Chain Transformation


Maximize operations planning functions to increase accuracy, efficiencies and productivity:

♦ Supply Chain Visibility

♦ Inventory Optimization

♦ Procurement and Sourcing Best Practices

♦ Transportation and Distribution Network Cost Reduction

♦ Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

Financial Management


Implement and/or improve data reporting structure to gain clarity on business performance to promote decisions based on data:

♦ Financial Modeling

♦ Strategic Planning – Financial Budgeting and Forecasting

♦ Leverage technological cloud solutions and reduced manual transactions

♦ Business start-up: Feasibility Analysis

♦ Provide insight into taxation impact

♦ Profitability Analysis (pricing strategy and wage increase mandates financial models)


Policy And Procedures


Assessment to ensure all policy and procedures meet required regulations:

♦ Recordkeeping and documentation processes

♦ Internal Controls to review and approve workflows

♦ Business start-up: procedures/documentation and training

♦ Standard operating procedures (SOP) Documentation to increase accuracy and training

Process Improvement


Analysis to review  and recommend process enhancements for optimized planning:

♦ Review reporting needs and best practices for data collection

♦ Provide training to personnel on Supply Chain Fundamentals

♦ Provide training on technical skills (ie Excel, Xero, software solutions)

♦ Review forecasting methodology to increase planning accuracy

♦ Review inventory methodology and safety stock targets to increase service levels and reduce costs

Technological Solutions


Technology continues to disrupt the competitive business landscape, businesses need to evolve and adapt rapidly in order to maximize their software investments:

♦ Analytics and Big Data review

♦ Reduce manual transactions and processes

♦ Review automation availability (EDI, system reporting, data sources)

♦ Leverage cloud software solutions to reduce costs (ie accounting, time tracking and scheduling apps)

360 View – Business Efficiency Consulting provides innovative and resourceful solutions to entrepreneurs and businesses; helping businesses establish effective processes and tools to build a scalable foundation, reduce costs, and create sustainable growth; achieving success thru results-driven approach, data-driven decisions, effective communication, and insightful performance measures.